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Gate Automation can be broken down into 2 main catagories
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electric gate service and repair
Swing Gates
Above ground
electric gate service and repair
Sliding Gates
Wheel and track sliding gates
Cantilever sliding gates



1 Swing Gates

a) Above ground automation can be in the form of a Ram type automation and can be very useful for a 5 bar gate in that it can operate up to a 7M Single leaf gate, but it is dependent upon the weight of the gate.

This is a useful way of automating gates, it is quick to install and very reliable and can be fitted to an existing gate.

Also for above ground automations are Articulated Arm type gate automation, this is the best above ground solution when a pair of gates are hung from of a brick wall. This is also quick to install and very reliable and can be fitted to an existing gate or pair of gates.

The cost of both of the above types of automation are the same.

B) Underground gate automation. This system is aesthetically better and has a longer life expectancy. the motors are below a stainless steel lid at ground level



2. Sliding Gates

A) Wheel and track type sliding gate automation this is where a sliding gate is fitted to a level ground and the gate slides into an adjacent space approximately 500mm longer than the gate. Ideal for a normal gated entrance when not on a slope.

B) Cantilever sliding gate. This type of gate automation is designed for a sliding gate where the ground level changes or falls away. A large concrete block is filled into the ground to take the weight of the gate as it slides to each side of the concrete block keeping the gate level despite not having a level ground.

All gate situations can be either timber or Metal gates and a timber pair can be made to look like on single large gate and a single gate can be made to look like a pair of gates.

The main reason for choosing a sliding gate or a swing gate should be relevant to the site survey and the safe running of the gate. We are always please to advise.