Electric gate servicing

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Servicing and maintenance    Why do I need my gates serviced?
For a number of reasons, some or all of the reasons below.
electric gate service and repair

Changes in your lifestyle, Family needs change, requiring a need for additional ( changes may need extra safety ) protection that you may not be aware of.

electric gate service and repair
Insects get everywhere!, including slugs in the control board, one single slug can cost you three times more than the cost of the service.
electric gate service and repair
Maintaining your warranty
electric gate service and repair
Obviously a gate moving back and forth continuously needs lubrication to keep it running smoothly and prevent wear and tear
electric gate service and repair 5

Safety checks of existing system. Recommend improvements

electric gate service and repair
This annual visit is a good time to change entry codes or add remote controls or make improvements
electric gate service and repair

Reduce the cost of a breakdown if you have a service agreement in place

The new trend due to costs is for gate companies is not to attend call outs unless a maintenance and service schedule is in place.


We offer a fully scheduled service, every 12 months we will call to
arrange a date and time to suit you. We will even remind you closer
to the date. Our engineers are all fully trained and equipped to deal
with any problems that your system may have. We recommend 12 monthly
service visits after the system has been in place for 18 months, for the
following reasons:- 

1. Safety. For us, the safety of you electric gate system is
paramount, as it is for you the home owner and therefore if we
feel any improvements made by the manufacturer of your installed
product, would significantly increase the safety of a system we will provide
details of the new products to you and the relevant costs.
When we service your gates we also perform
several safety tests to make sure your gates still perform safely and
won’t  be a danger to you,your family or property.
We will test all the safety systems you have in place already and
replace any faulty or worn items.
Your life changes effect the amount of safety needed on your gates, whether it be a new pet or expanding family

2. Insect infestation. One of the key reasons for major cost breakdowns
is the infestation of insects and molluscs, spiders build webs over
the photocells stopping them from working and slugs manage to get into
a virtually sealed box and crawl across the live part of the control
board making it go bang! Even on a brand new system this can happen
and isn't covered on the warranty of most gates.

3. Maintaining your warranty. Some of the better companies offer
warranties up to three years on motors or complete systems, but if the servicing
hasn't been carried out this warranty would be void or invalidated.

4. Wear and tear . Whilst we forget that the gates are there, working every day in all weathers, we may need to be reminded that as with anything moving back and forth without question
and without any fresh grease, there is a certain amount of wear and tear.

Gates will often drop and need to be adjusted both to continue to work
as well as the day they were installed, but also may not be working
safely. All hinges and bearings are greased in order to take us
safely to the next scheduled service visit. We carry a comprehensive
range of spares on our vans to ensure that the gates are left working
as safe trouble free as the day they were installed.

5. Improvement. Before we visit your home or office to service your
electric gate system, we will talk through any problems you may be 
experiencing with the gates, we can also consider specific upgrades and
adjustments you would like carried out while we are on site; this may
range from a simple code change, additional remote controls or even the
addition of extra safety cells or an intercom.

6. Guarantee your call out. No one wants to keep repairing something
that isn't looked after and the trend to only support systems that are
looked after are growing, so if you are not covered by a maintenance
schedule, you may not be able to get a gate company to come out to you.

7. Reduce the cost of a breakdown. If you have a service contract in
place with us, we offer a reduced cost breakdown cover and we will
prioritize your call out.